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A unified platform for handling Marketing, Content, Commerce, and Customer Data for a Brand

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Break data silos and manage your digital from a single dashboard

Publish Content - Use 100+ widgets on our Rapid CMS to publish Sites/Microsites, Blogs, Marketing Landing Pages & e-commerce portals

Run Campaigns - Toasts/Popups, Emails, WhatsApp, QR Codes, OOH Displays and others

Collect First-Party Data - Generate Leads, Collect Data, and Segment Customers through our CDP

Engage & Convert - Engage with prospects/customers and convert. Our easy CRM works seamlessly with segment-focussed omnichannel campaigns

Generative AI - Use our Generative AI tools to make your digital operations 10x faster

Slixta FAQs

We cater to the following persona of users: (1) Marketers - Avoid the complexity of multiple tools, data silos, and integration hurdles. Slixta offers a unified, streamlined solution (2) Brand Managers - Showcase your brand, effortlessly, without enduring prolonged development cycles (3) Entrepreneurs - Accelerate your time to market using our all-in-one tool

You own 100% of your data. We are a technology platform

We score near 100% score on the industry standard Google Lighthouse tool. These scores are for indicators like Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO, and being PWA compliant. High-performant properties give you high ROI on digital spend. Customers hate slow websites and this hurts your brand reputation

We are fully SEO ready, out of the box. Our SEO performance on Google Lighthouse is near 100%. You can focus on your content and we take care of the on-page SEO out of the box.

We are a high-touch platform. Our team maps your requirements to our solution and onboard you. You get end-to-end support from an account manager and technical team.

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Slixta is fully-managed. Get enterprise-level stability, and support with fanatical handholding. Rapidly launch brand properties and scale them to millions of users with our easy marketing tools - with complete peace of mind.


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