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What is wrong with the traditional web popup?

According to research by Nielsen Norman Group, over 90% of website users hate web popups.

IrrelevantVisitors are in different stages of the marketing funnel. They are also visiting your site with different browsing intents. Without personalisation a popup becomes highly irrelevant.
Ill-timedImagine visiting a site to be interrupted immediately by a popup. Yikes! Popup often show up at the worst possible time.
IntrusiveDoes every offer or lead magnet need to take over the full page? A large number of web UX design anti-patterns can be attributed to web popups.
A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.David Ogilvy

So what makes Slixta Popups different?

Slixta Popups pays extra attention to the core of a good popup use case - segmentation and triggering. Additionally, Slixta Popups provides tools to minimize obstructions when intervening on a site. Further, you do not need to modify the code of your existing site. We can be completely powered through GTM.

Advanced Segmentation & TriggeringTarget users based on their marketing funnel stage and browsing intent. Filter audiences based on their browsing history, popup engagement history, and much more. No more irrelevant popups.
Non-intrusive interventionShow large interactive popups with minimal intrusion into the user's browsing. Use Toast mode to subtly capture attention. Combine with multi-step popups to ensure a great browsing experience.
Rich Automation SuiteRapidly build popups, landing pages and forms with our widget-based no-code user interface. Continue engaging your visitors off-site through targeted email, WhatsApp and SMS campaigns.

Go beyond popups and power your entire digital with the Slixta marketing platform.


Email, WhatsApp and SMS broadcasts


User journey targeting


No code changes


Concierge onboarding


Campaign management services


Delivered by Google Tag Manager


No! Slixta integrates seamlessly into your existing website with zero code changes. You can get started running your first popup campaign in a matter of minutes.

No! Once the Slixta tag is integrated into your website through Google Tag Manager, you can power your popup & toast campaigns directly from the Slixta console.

We will be happy to work with you to bring your popup or toast use-cases to life. Fill the form below to get in touch!

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