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Get 40% more Demand

All-In-One Suite for your demand generation

Targeted pitch & page for each campaign

Targeted pitch & page for each campaign

Our Rapid-CMS with 100+ widgets helps in crafting the pitch for each campaign 10x faster

Non-Intrusive Intervention to lift the conversions

Non-Intrusive Intervention to lift the conversions

Our Toasts & Popups plug the leaks in the conversion funnel at every stage.

Manage the lead lifecycle

Manage the lead lifecycle

Built-in CRM to help manage the lead lifecycle, staff assignment, follow-ups, etc



Automatically group the users into meaningful cohorts based on persona and intent.

Nurture the prospects

Nurture the prospects

Slixta has lead-nurture campaigns, newsletters and other tools for nurturing cohorts of users

Re-target your visitors

Re-target your visitors

Re-engage with your visitors on different channels like emails, search/display networks and social media


Yes, Slixta CMS lets you create websites, microsites, and landing pages. These are high-quality and professional websites that carry your brand with industry-leading performance. All of this is No-Code, which uses our readymade widgets tailored for conversions. Content publishing is 10x faster with Slixta. Slixta can power your main website or be hosted on a subdomain specifically for this purpose. We also have a Slixta-Tag, which can be inserted into your existing website to make it perform better.

This is a multi-step process: - Well-crafted landing pages - Right messaging, Fast page load, mobile-first, etc - Conversion widgets aligned to the marketing funnel - Lead capture forms & segment-configurations - A/B testing the approaches - Lead nurturing, re-targeting and more - Re-convert/engage your existing customers, get referrals and more

Slixta is a SaaS platform your team can use. We also offer a completely managed service that our team operates for you - like an outsourced marketing/demand generation team.

We have 100+ widgets. One good example of a conversion widget is our gated-document widget, which gives visitors a document in exchange for their contact details. They may not yet be ready to schedule a meeting with your team but could be enticed to download information.

We have many intervention tools to improve your conversion funnel. One example is an exit-intent popup, which shows up if a visitor is about to leave and collects the contact details. Another example is a time-limited offer signup.

Yes, paid campaigns are an integral part of demand generation that gives immediate results. We have all the required technology to make the Paid campaigns perform better on Google Search Ads, Display Ads, Meta, LinkedIn and others.

Break data silos and manage your digital from a single dashboard

Publish Content - Use 100+ widgets on our Rapid CMS to publish Sites/Microsites, Blogs, Marketing Landing Pages & e-commerce portals

Run Campaigns - Toasts/Popups, Emails, WhatsApp, QR Codes, OOH Displays and others

Collect First-Party Data - Generate Leads, Collect Data, and Segment Customers through our CDP

Engage & Convert - Engage with prospects/customers and convert. Our easy CRM works seamlessly with segment-focussed omnichannel campaigns

Generative AI - Use our Generative AI tools to make your digital operations 10x faster

100+ Conversion Widgets

Widgets can be added to pages, toasts & popups

  • First-party data collected by widgets is stored and associated with users
  • Completely No-Code. Marketers and brand managers can quickly launch pages and campaigns without developer support
  • Auto-layout facilitates all the widgets to align/size well on Mobile, Desktop, or Tablet
  • Widgets for every business need - Gated Content, FAQs, App Installer, Meeting scheduler, Dynamic forms, Urgency timers, Social proofs, Quizzes/Contests, and more

Fastest Landing Pages

Do not lose conversions to slow pages

  • Industry-leading page-load speed
  • Create pages 10x faster by reusing widgets
  • Beyond templates - Don't get locked in by templates. A page is just a collection of widgets that auto-layout
  • Dynamic text replacements make your page match the campaign easily
  • Clone a page and make quick changes

Journeys & Campaigns

Wide medium of campaigns, all from a single dashboard

  • Re-engage & Re-convert prospects/customers with event-based journeys in their lifecycle
  • Auto-create user segments based on the behavior and do precise campaigns
  • Emails - Send email campaigns with easy email-widgets
  • Re-engage customers through WhatsApp campaigns
  • Do Mobile-push campaigns for the app engagements

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