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Slixta by Azympto

Since 2015

Azympto Technologies Private Limited

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Azympto Technologies

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Azympto Technologies

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Leadership Team

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Sony Kadavan

Sony Kadavan


NIT Alumni, Ex-Adobe with 20+ years of software product engineering experience in cloud architecting, eCommerce, rich content delivery, and B2B and B2C Apps

Sabarish Narayana Das

Sabarish Narayana Das


NIT Alumni, Ex-Motorola with 20+ years of software product engineering in Cloud, Apps, Communication Software and general Information Technology

About Slixta

Slixta is born from our desire to fundamentally transform the online experiences provided by brands to their customers. Content is the king. Content leads the digital brand engagement. Content drives eCommerce. Slixta is all about Content & Commerce. Slixta has a suite of offerings - Slixta Assets, Slixta CMS, Slixta Pages, Slixta Sites, Slixta Commerce, and Slixta Headless


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