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Content centric eCommerce

Hundreds are brands are created every year. Having a good product alone is not enough to get conversions. You should also communicate your story and the benefits of your product to your potential customers to get their mindshare.

There are hundreds of D2C (Direct to Consumer) brands being created every year and you need to do the extraordinary to stay above the curve. Right content strategy is one of the key tools for this.

Just having a store listing may not be enough any more

A standard eCommerce system helps you just have a storefront that presents your product categories, search, collections, and a product page that shows the product variants. This is a mere listing of the products, and may not be enough.  Just throwing your products at the users may not leave a lasting impression.

You need to convey your story, create a rich experience for your consumers to stay in their memory. Right content strategy helps in brand awareness, brand positioning, brand recall, and persuading buyers to transact.

If you believe your product is unique, you should have a unique product page with a unique user experience (UX).

Take a look at some of the powerful digital experiences that stand out to understand what we are saying:

- Cowboy bikes

- Google Pixel phone

- Apple AirPods

- &Tradition chair

- Queengarnet antioxidants

- Pol scarf


- Kombu drinks

- Natureelixr

You need the following to roll out your powerful experiences:

  1. A powerful content and catalog management tool
  2. Pair this with premium user experiences aligned to your brand
  3. Think beyond templates offered by the standard tools
  4. Brace yourself to go custom wherever needed

Send us a note, if you come up with something you are proud of.  We are happy to feature you!

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