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Headless Commerce - Is it for my brand?

Headless is becoming increasingly popular among top eCommerce brands. Headless adoption offers great flexibility in creating a differentiated, personalised and seamless multi-channel experience for digital-first customers. So, is it the right time for your brand to go headless? This article takes a look into the top considerations.

Differentiated Customer Experience

Is offering a differentiated shopping experience key to your brand strategy? If so, headless adoption allows unlimited flexibility in designing front-end customer experiences; going beyond standard themes and templates. This includes content-rich product pages that showcase your products to your customers and blow them away with unique digital experiences.

Improve Speed & Performance of Website

Your website speed directly impacts your digital ROI. Improving your page speed can lead to improved engagement and increased conversions. Page speed is a factor in SEO and impacts your organic traffic. If you are looking to improve your page speed, headless adoption can help you achieve this objective; even without migrating out from your current eCommerce platform.

Seamless Everywhere

If you offer multiple touchpoints to customers like desktop and mobile web, mobile app, self-checkout, in-store browsing etc, headless adoption can help deliver a seamless experience for your customers everywhere. They can now start their shopping from anywhere, eg. your mobile app and complete it by visiting your store.

Integrate Multiple Applications

Do you have multiple applications that connect to your eCommerce platform? Are these integrations a challenge to offering the front-end experience that you wish to deliver? Is your backend team frustrated with having to update the same content across multiple systems and having to deal with inconsistencies? If so, headless adoption can solve these challenges.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Headless adoption allows you to build unique customer experiences and grow your digital revenue without having to constantly re-platform your backend, saving on associated technology, data migration and employee training costs.

Rapid Changes

Are you constantly looking to bring changes to your front-end customer experiences? Headless adoption will help you constantly innovate on your front-end experiences quickly without any impact on your backend. 

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