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Web vitals simplified for eCommerce

Web Vitals are an essential set of guidelines and metrics which if followed give the best experience to your customers. In eCommerce, its even more important since this directly impacts your conversions


Getting a score like this is every eCommece site's dream. Web vitals is a complicated topic. We will try to over-simplify this and give you the basics of the same.

This is a set of guidelines from google which makes the websites more user-friendly. It is also widely believed that google rates sites with better web vital scores higher in the search. This is naturally the obvious direction since google is pro-consumer always!

How do we measure this for a site?

You should use the Google page speed/lighthouse tool

What does each score mean?

  • Performance - How fast your website is?
  • Accessibility - How friendly your site is for people with disabilities?
  • Best Practices - Have your technical team followed the best web practices?
  • SEO - How good has the website's on-page SEO been set up?
  • PWA - Have you enabled the installable web app, which increases your engagement?

What should I do as a business owner?

You should ask your team to have the website measured on this tool and get the web vitals reports for both desktop and mobile (yes, mobile is much harder). Then take steps to achieve a better score

Why should I care about this score?

  • You should get better organic traffic (since search engines understand your site is better compared to others for their users) and thus get better returns for your marketing spent.
  • Your customers will feel better about your brand. This will eventually lead to more conversions.

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