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What Role Does Automation Play in WhatsApp Campaigns

Automation plays a pivotal role in WhatsApp campaigns, streamlining processes by enabling scheduled messages, instant replies, and personalized interactions. It enhances campaign efficiency, reduces manual effort, and ensures timely, targeted communication with WhatsApp users, improving overall campaign performance.

Embracing automation heralds a new era in WhatsApp campaigns, revolutionizing the way businesses and marketers engage with their audience. By transcending the limitations of manual communication, automation empowers them to extend their reach, deliver compelling messages, and forge meaningful connections. This streamlined approach ensures efficiency, effectiveness, and a heightened level of customer engagement. Astonishingly, a 2022 study revealed that an impressive 70% of customer queries on Meta's business messaging platforms were successfully resolved through automation alone. By harnessing the power of automated tools and technologies, businesses can effortlessly connect with their audience, providing timely responses and personalized interactions.

Benefits of Automation in WhatsApp campaigns 

24/7 Availability

Automation ensures that businesses can engage with their customers round the clock, providing instant responses to queries and messages irrespective of the time zone. This availability improves customer satisfaction and builds trust.

Increased Efficiency

Efficiency is a paramount concern for businesses, and integrating WhatsApp with automated messaging has proven to be highly effective in achieving this goal. Companies have reported remarkable outcomes, including a 3X faster response time for customer inquiries, a 91% customer query resolution rate, and 57% of new leads generated through automated messaging. Additionally, there has been a 33% reduction in call center volumes, with approximately 30,000 customer service requests received via WhatsApp each month. While these specific results may vary, they highlight the potential of integrating automation, showcasing faster results for customers, enhanced agent effectiveness, and increased overall satisfaction in interactions. Such efficiency not only reduces costs but also boosts revenue and elevates customer satisfaction, making it a valuable investment for businesses.

Asynchronous Messaging

The use of asynchronous messaging, facilitated by automation, addresses a common customer concern regarding the time commitment of phone calls. Traditional calls demand undivided attention, which can deter customers. However, automated messaging reduces response time significantly, from hours to minutes, allowing customers to interact at their convenience. This approach is especially beneficial for potential customers in the early stages of interest, enabling them to inquire, revisit queries, and respond at their own pace. Automation empowers businesses to prioritize customer needs, fostering a sense of importance and flexibility in customer interactions.

Minimizing the reliance on service agents

Automated chatbot functionality on Meta Business Messaging resolves up to 70% of customer inquiries without agent involvement. This automation not only efficiently addresses customer requests but also allows service agents to concentrate on more urgent matters, enhancing their dedication to customers without overwhelming them. By minimizing the reliance on service agents, businesses can decrease costs, reduce agent turnover, improve efficiency, and boost job satisfaction among employees.


Automated messaging offers significant financial benefits to businesses, leading to a 36% reduction in operating costs for call centers. Its versatility allows it to serve both customer service and marketing/sales roles, addressing customer inquiries and facilitating sales independently. Chatbots play a vital role in cost reduction by solving customer queries, thereby decreasing call center and agent costs, and minimizing repeat inquiries. Moreover, on the sales side, chatbots can provide product information, and personalized offers, and conduct sales autonomously, without requiring agent intervention. This efficiency not only reduces costs but also boosts revenue potential, as customers can make purchases directly from the messaging platform. Automated messaging stands as a powerful tool for both cost savings and revenue generation, enhancing the financial outlook of businesses.


Automation tools analyze customer data and behavior to deliver personalized messages. By tailoring content to individual preferences, businesses can create more meaningful connections, leading to higher engagement rates and customer loyalty. By obtaining customer consent at the start of interactions, business messaging platforms offer the opportunity to collect valuable information such as purchase history, product preferences (such as clothing size), and shopping schedules. When utilized effectively, these data points can be leveraged to create personalized campaigns, a potent strategy for lead generation and sales. Customers are more inclined to appreciate and reward brands that invest in personalizing their shopping experiences. 

Data-Driven Insights

Automation tools provide detailed analytics and insights into customer interactions. By analyzing data such as open rates, click-through rates, and customer responses, businesses can make informed decisions, refine their strategies, and optimize future campaigns.

3 Examples of WhatsApp Automation Done Right


Akulaku, a prominent financial company and eCommerce platform in Southeast Asia, faced the challenge of managing high volumes of customer messages while ensuring a personalized and trustworthy interaction for each customer.

To address this, Akulaku implemented a custom chatbot on the WhatsApp Business Platform. This initiative not only elevated customer satisfaction scores by 50% but also led to a 16% increase in satisfaction through List messages. Additionally, Akulaku achieved a remarkable 30% cost savings by utilizing WhatsApp for sending OTPs.

Through these strategic moves, Akulaku not only improved customer experiences but also significantly reduced operational costs, demonstrating the effectiveness of their approach

Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics, renowned for its transformative beauty services and products, sought to enhance customer engagement and convenience. Partnering with Omnichat, they harnessed the WhatsApp Business Platform to streamline communication.

Customers receive appointment confirmations and reminders via WhatsApp, and modifying appointments is effortless through a self-service chatbot. 

This approach resulted in a 30% boost in bookings, contributing to a remarkable 200% increase in year-over-year sales. WhatsApp also delivered a 60% faster response time compared to email, empowering frontline teams and enhancing customer self-service, thereby optimizing productivity.


HolidayPirates, a renowned travel company, aims to provide travel enthusiasts with real-time access to the best deals. 

By leveraging the WhatsApp Business Platform, they not only doubled their subscriber base but also significantly enhanced engagement metrics. 

This strategic move led to a 53% increase in WhatsApp subscribers in just three months, with an impressive 97% message open rate and up to 40% click-through rates. Their subscribers also engaged 10 times more through WhatsApp compared to email, showcasing the platform's effectiveness in connecting with their audience


Automation in WhatsApp campaigns marks a pivotal shift in the business landscape, redefining customer interactions and enhancing operational efficiency. Beyond this, the financial advantages are noteworthy, with a significant drop in call center costs and a substantial boost in revenue potential. Personalization, guided by data-driven insights, fosters authentic connections, strengthening customer loyalty. This strategic amalgamation signifies not just a trend but a fundamental evolution in customer engagement, showcasing the future of business success in our digital era.

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